Getting Started at Helotes CrossFit

For starters, to begin your training at Helotes CrossFit you will need to either email us to sign up or attend the free INTRO session held every Saturday at 8:30am. We also schedule INTRO sessions on weekdays by appointment only; email Our FREE intro sessions take place every Saturday or one can be scheduled with a trainer if Saturday doesn't work for you (we have limited appt times outside of the Saturday class).

Please navigate through our website, through the FAQ, and download the 'CrossFit Foundations' (found on the lefthand column) to learn more about Helotes CrossFit and what CrossFit is all about. You can also check out the main CrossFit site at for more information about CrossFit in general.

Schedule a FREE introduction to Helotes CrossFit by emailing us at  or to start ASAP if an intro is not needed.  We will sit down with you and answer all of your questions and tell you all about what we do and how Helotes CrossFit is for you. We will also coach you through a free mini workout so you can get a better idea of what CrossFit entails. Our FREE intro is every Saturday at 8:30am. Please send a quick email stating your name and that you are coming, it would be much appreciated. If you don't want to work out and would just like to come and watch and learn, you are welcome to do so. We will cover a quick intro to CrossFit and do a group workout together. Just come with a water bottle and workout clothes...see you there!

Now that you have educated yourself on what CrossFit is and have met with us personally for a free intro and workout, your next step is to choose a committment package. If you have any questions regarding the packages we went over with you, please shoot us an email or call and we will be glad to answer any questions. Also contact us when you have decided to join our family...we look forward to training you and improving your quality of life!

Now that you have made your committment to Helotes CrossFit, it is our promise to keep our comittment to you! We will enroll you into our Elements program that will prepare you for our group classes. The Elements program consists of 4 classes that span over two weeks (each Tuesday and Thursday). We do offer a morning and evening time to fit your schedule. If the times offered do not fit your schedule, there will be a $30 personal training charge for one-on-one makeup sessions (otherwise the Elements are included with the monthly payment).If you would prefer to go through all 4 of the Elements classes with a trainer one-on-one, the cost is $120 and we can work with your schedule. Elements Classes for newcomers start every Tuesday and always on a Tuesday. Contact us for more information.  

View our 'Class Schedule' page and begin group classes!