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Tuesday Feb 13,2018

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2.13.18 CrossFit

CrossFit: Reps-Rx2
For Max Reps...

5 Rounds of:

90 seconds of Rowing (Calories)
**REST :30**
90 seconds of Kettlebell Swings (Rx: 53/35, Rx2: 44/25)
**REST :30**
90 seconds of Assault Bike (Calories)
**REST :30**
90 seconds of Ring Pushups (Rx2: Pushups)  
**REST :30**

Post Wod:  

800m Run  

*Find a partner and run together

100% 0%
1st462 Allison D Tue,Feb 13,2018
2nd452 Lisa A Tue,Feb 13,2018
3rd417 Teresa G Tue,Feb 13,2018
1st597 Hector Tue,Feb 13,2018
2nd565 Chris Be Tue,Feb 13,2018
3rd447 Marvin M Tue,Feb 13,2018

Chris Be565 Rx
Mandy394 Rx
Kerilyn396 Rx 79-78-80-80-79
Deborah424 Rx2
Karen387  Banded PU's
Hector597 Rx
Lisa A452 Rx #35 KB
Marvin M447 Rx
Allison D462 Rx
Lina494  25# kb
Teresa G417 Rx
Amanda Bo402 Rx
Marvin L400 Rx
Emily L413 Rx
Fatima391  Reg push-ups
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