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Tuesday Mar 13,2018

Gymversary Alexis-1
CrossFit: 3.13.18 CrossFitperf: 3.13.18 PerformanceSport: 3.13.18 Sport

3.13.18 CrossFit

CrossFit: Time
A. Rope Climbs  (week 2)

1. Performance:  complete 8-10 modified (lying) climbs. If you can get halfway up, go for it.  

2. CrossFit: 1 RC every minute for 8-minutes.

3. Sport: 1 RC every :30 for 7-minutes.  

B. 3x5 strict pullup.  
*focus on the eccentric and stay controlled.

C. 3 Sets w/ partner
:15 hollow hold on pullup bar while partner does :15 of plank pushups. Switch when plank pushups are finished.  

D. For Time:

400 Meter Run
30 Box Jumps (24/20)
30 Toes to Bar
30 Push-ups
400 Meter Run

Post Wod:

3 Sets
15 DB Side Crunches (Per Side)
30 Ab Mat Sit-ups

100% 0%
1st8:36 Kerilyn Tue,Mar 13,2018
2nd9:50 Sindy Tue,Mar 13,2018
3rd9:53 Chaisleigh Tue,Mar 13,2018
1st7:30 Brandon T Tue,Mar 13,2018
2nd8:09 Erik Tue,Mar 13,2018
3rd8:22 Marvin M Tue,Mar 13,2018

Kerilyn8:36 Rx
Sindy9:50 Rx
Craig8:53 Rx
Chaisleigh9:53 Rx
Erik8:09 Rx
Marvin M8:22 Rx
Jessie11:27 Rx
Brandon T7:30 Rx
Emily L12:02 Rx
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