My name is Edward Rodriguez and I’ve been a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer since 2014. I’m a husband and father of two beautiful children. I’m also a Financial Advisor at a local investment company headquartered here in San Antonio. I found Helotes CrossFit in 2012 and was immediately blown away by the community and support system surrounding the box. As my first couple of years progressed I felt the desire to pursue CrossFit as not only a hobby, but as a passion. It was then that I decided to earn my coaching certificate.

I’ve always participated in competitive sports and one day hope to pass the lessons I’ve learned in CrossFit to my children in hopes of not only sharing the benefits of fitness but of being a part of a community. As a coach I enjoy working with new athletes, especially starting on the ground floor and helping them build a solid foundation and understanding of fundamentals. As an adult I now appreciate how much emphasis my childhood coaches placed on fundamentals, and that is what I like to bring to the floor when I coach athletes.

I love to coach as much as I love being coached. I encourage athletes to be accepting and open minded about their fitness, nutrition, and the community surrounding them. I like to have a plan but I take things day by day and workout by workout. I like heavy weights, LOVE loud music and absolutely despise running (but I force myself to do it anyway). Never hesitate to ask me for help. I’m always willing offer guidance when I can.