My name is Mike Trevino and I am a current full-time Teacher/Coach but also continue to Coach at Helotes Crossfit as a Certified Level 1 Trainer. I am married to my beautiful wife, Ashlee, who has also been a member at HCF for over 4 years now. We have 2 fur-babies which adds craziness to both of our lives, but we wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Recently, at the beginning of the 2017, my wife and I gave our lives to Christ as she led me to a place called Community Bible Church. That has been a blessing to not only the two of us, but to my brother and his girlfriend, along with our parents. Being God-driven in everything that we do has allowed us to seek things not for our best interests, but for others that surround us.

Growing up, I have dealt with so many challenges since birth. I have gone through 4 major surgeries, our house burned down, and my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Only by the grace of God He has healed us and continued to lead us down his path of victory. Facing adversity is a part of life, but with the way we respond in certain situations dictates not who we are, but WHOSE we are!

I’ve been a competitive Crossfit athlete through HCF for 5 years, and it has helped me establish a place I like to call home. To add some more beauty to being at HCF, coaching alongside my younger brother, Bam, has provided us a deeper love for each other. He’s one of the best things that has ever been given to me, and I want to help him be successful towards his future endeavors.

We are so community-driven at Helotes CrossFit that it’s not about what facility we have, equipment, location, etc. The people and our coaching staff are second to none. The minute I walked into HCF, I knew it was something special, and I have received so many blessings through our ministry.